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Anyone who is serious either about their car entertainment systems will not be satisfied with a generic stock audio system. A true audiophile knows that a head unit and a couple of car speakers do not make up a sound system.


At ECLIPSE, we love our cars, we love our music, and we love combining the two. That is why we have gone to great lengths to be able to supply the best components and accessories in car audio entertainment to our customers.


ECLIPSE puts everything you need to assemble the perfect stereo system to suit your car and your tastes. We have a range of car speakers to cover every need. Check out our range of point source and integrated car speakers, and let us help you work out the exact specifications for your desired audio setup.


Of course, the best speakers in the world are wasted without a decent amplifier in your car. With our extensive range, we are sure to have a car amplifier within your price range to suit the kind of sound you want to achieve.


This is especially important when you consider high end bass. Nothing ruins a quality audio setup like an overeager car subwoofer. Get the bass you want, while keeping your car subwoofer in check with an ECLIPSE quality car amplifier.
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