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ECLIPSE has launched the next generation of Audio Visual Navigation products (AVN) into the Australian market.

Both the AVN726EA and the AVN4400 will set the benchmark for mobile entertainment and navigation products.

These products represent the latest realisation of the company’s AVN concept which revolves around the core points of a perfect fit, comfort, awareness and integrated technology, in order to promote driving safety and comfort. The AVN concept was validated by the AVN4400 selection by the Consumer Electronics Association as an “Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering” honouree.

The AVN726EA was also named Best of Innovations 2009 in its category, as well as being chosen as an Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Award Honouree.

The gap between a true specialist mobile electronics manufacturer and others widens as technologies continue to evolve. ECLIPSE car audio products are created and perfected using all the considerable resources only a comprehensive manufacturer can tap. Proprietary research and development, manufacturing, evaluating and testing at every stage are what differentiates the brand and sets it apart. ECLIPSE products enhance the driving experience like no other.


Packed with features, the car audio systems CD7200 mkII, CD1200 and the all new CD5030 aim to deliver premium sound, while giving the user bluetooth connectivity, iPod control and USB connection. Boasting a new design, the ECLIPSE power amplifiers utilise digital technology in a masterful combination of high tech digital circuitry, compact dimensions and striking looks to complement any car sound system.
We are far more than a car audio specialist company that deals exclusively in specialist car audio – we are also specialists when it comes to car sound systems, audio systems and premium car audio systems. This makes us car audio specialists. Despite branching out into GPS navigation systems and infotainment accessories, we remain true to our first love – car audio.

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